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Coexist Bumper Sticker with Buddhist and Bahai symbols.



$3.95 Bumper Sticker. “Coexist" with Wheel of Dharma.
3-in. x 11-in. Weather & fade resistant. Made in USA. 


$5.95 Magnetic Bumper Sticker. “Coexist" with Wheel of Dharma.  3-in. x 11-in. Weather & fade resistant. Flexible magnetic backing clings to steel.

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Coexist with Wheel of Dharma
Bumper Sticker or Magnet

This version of the Coexist Bumper Sticker or Magnet features the Buddhist Wheel of Dharma or Wheel of Life as the second symbol. Also notable is the a symbol associated with the Bahai faith above the "i". All symbols are conveniently labeled according to their religious affilliation. They are, from left: Islam, Buddhism, Ecology, Judaism, Bahai, Taoism, Christianity.

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